Validation of the plan for the seventh Hayat building in Babylon Province.

The Engineering Maintenance Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine announced the approval of the plan for the Seventh Hayat Building project for treating people affected by Corona virus, which will be implemented by its engineering staff in Babylon Governorate for the benefit of its health department within the vicinity of the medical city of Marjan, in compliance with the directives of the Supreme Religious Authority in order to support the medical staff in containing the increasing number of cases of this epidemic, as a humanitarian gesture to support the health situation in the governorate and increase the clinical capacity to confront this pandemic.
The engineer who designed the plan; Ali Salloum from the aforementioned department, stated to the al-Kafeel Network: “During the past period, we had discussions with the technical authorities in the Babylon Governorate Health Department, and the technical authorities in the medical city of Marjan, regarding the plan that we prepared for this building according to the space that was allocated to it, which is (3500) square meters, as it was approved by the beneficiary after we made some changes related to it, so that we come up with a plan that is compatible with the nature of the facility and the aims of its establishment, and it will be executed on the ground after the completion of all the ground preparation works.
Salloum added: "The area of ​​the project will be invested as follows:
- (98) Single rooms (in form of suites) for the treatment of people affected by the virus of Corona, the area of ​​each room is (13) square meters that includes a bathroom.
- The building management room.
- A secretarial room.
- Two rooms for medical staff (one for men and one for women).
- Two dressing rooms for working staff (one for men and one for women).
- A bathroom for the medical staff divided into two parts (for men and women).
- A room to prepare food for working staff and patients.
- A reception to organize and conduct the affairs of patients and workers.
- A waiting lounge for patients that includes a bathroom divided into two parts (for men and women).
- A room for taking samples of patients.
- A room for sterilization of working staff.
- A room that will be used as a warehouse for storing medical and treatment materials.
- A room used as a public store.
- A room for the disposal of harmful substances and waste.
- Control Room for Electricity and Building Systems ".
Salloum confirmed that: "The aforementioned has been carefully distributed and all health and medical measures have been taken into consideration similar to what is practiced in the same medical buildings implemented by the holy shrine, with the follow-up of the Division of Medical Affairs in it."
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