Completion of installing the ducts of two fresh air and discharging polluted air systems in the first part of the fifth Hayat building in Baghdad.

Day after day, the works of the Fifth Hayat Building for the treatment of people affected by the Coronavirus, which is currently being implemented by the staffs of the Engineering Maintenance Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, for the benefit of the Baghdad/Rusafa Health Department within Ibn Al-Qaf Hospital, are witnessing remarkable progress and began to achieve advanced achievement rates according to each stage and part of the project area of 5000 square meters, which was divided into three parts for the sake of the continuity of the work, and its completion within its timelines and its technical and medical specifications.
The engineer of the project, Karar Brihi, said: “In the first part of the project, which is being built on an area of ​​(1377) square meters, with (56) single rooms, and in a short period of time, the installation of the ducts for each of the two air condition systems has been completed. The (air frech) system works to deliver fresh air with a purity of more than 99% and a healthy temperature suitable for the patients in an electronic control method, as it works through special mechanisms to filter the external air and purify it and then push it into the rooms, because the patients do not need the external cooling system (the Split Unit) most of the time, as the lines were connected to each other in addition to connecting them to the rooms. "
He added: "Regarding the air drawing system, which is a complement to the system that preceded it, it works to withdraw and release the circulating air inside the building to the outside, after it has been carefully treated and rid of the viruses or microbes attached to it according to a special work mechanism which principle is exposing it to high temperatures that eliminate Harmful plankton. The fixing work for the ducts of the two systems has also been completed. "
Brihi explained: "In parallel with these works, we began to install the walls of the bathrooms, after the completion of their floors and preparation for the start of the secondary ceilings works, as well as preparing works to paint the walls with the first basic layer."
He continued saying: "As for the other two parts, the second of which is being built on an area of ​​(1377) square meters by (56) rooms and the third on an area of ​​(1000) square meters by (19) rooms, their work is continuous by installing the insulation (sandwich panels), sewage and liquefaction pipes, electricity, and other foundations works, as well as bathrooms' cladding works."
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