El-Abbas holy shrine inaugurates its new website in Urdu within the activities of the First Annual Cultural Festival

A view of the inauguration
Internet Division of the Department of Intellectual & Cultural Affairs in the EL-Abbas holy shrine inaugurated its new website in Urdu within Alkafeel Global Network. The inauguration took place within the activities of the Commander of the Faithful {Imam Ali (p.b.u.h)} First Annual Cultural Festival held in Lucknow City – India.

Mr. Samir El-Safi, the head of the Web Designing & Technical Support Unit and a member of the preparatory committee of the festival stated to Alkafeel Global Network, “Constant communicating with the other Muslims all over the world is one of most important elements to promulgate the knowledge of Ahlulbait (p.b.u.t) in various languages, we have just inaugurated our new website in Urdu in order to make it possible for the Urdu speaking people to communicate with the activities taking place around the world.”

He also mentioned that the new website includes news, Friday Sermons, Publications, audio and pictorial library and the history of the El-Abbas holy shrine.
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