Al-Abbas Fighting Squad announces the completion of the construction of the Yaseen ablution site.

The leader of the Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) Fighting Squad (brigade / 26 popular mobilization); Maytham Al-Zaidi announced that the crisis cell in the Squad has completed building the "Yaseen" ablution site after completing all the preparations for the burial of the deceased because of Coronavirus in the Karbala cemetery.
This came on the sidelines of Al-Zaidi's visit to the site, adding, "Precautions and safety measures were taken into consideration during the construction of the project."
He continued: "The project came in response to the pleas of many citizens, and in implementation of the directives of the representative of the Supreme Religious Authority and the Senior Official of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine; His Eminence Sayed Ahmad Al-Safi."
He explained: "We Started with the approval of the Governor of Karbala, who directed the Municipality of Karbala to determine the location, and the Directorate of Health of Karbala to give health determinants and coordination in this regard, the project has obtained all official approvals from the local government and the health and municipal departments."
Al-Zaidi asserted: “The ablution site is for the deceased of the Coronavirus only, and that the funds for its implementation were donated by the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine.”
He noted that: "The washing/ablution process will be free of charge, while there will be no receipt of any donations, as the squad is doing is its legitimate, humanitarian and patriotic duty."
He pointed out that: "The leaders of the Squad and officials in the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine were the first donors to this charitable work."
And Al-Zaidi concluded: "The Squad's staff will perform the washing, shrouding and praying at the funeral and burial, if the deceased will be buried in the corona's cemetery, and will supervise the burial if the deceased will be buried in the usual cemetery."
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