"Yaseen" ablution site in the Karbala cemetery begins receiving the victims of the Corona pandemic

The crisis cell formed in the Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) fighting squad (brigade / 26 popular mobilization) announced that the "Yassen" ablution site in the Karbala cemetery started to receive the victims of the Corona pandemic, for the purpose of washing and preparing them in preparation for their burial, as part of volunteer work carried out free of charge in order to serve our people in Iraq at this hard time.

Cell member Hazem Fadel said to the central media that: "In response to the directives of the agent of the Supreme Religious Authority, the Abbas Fighting Squad began washing and shrouding the victims of the Corona epidemic today after it was completed yesterday, indicating that many of the al-Kafeel knights in the squad volunteered to work in this ablution site in the form of shifts, to perform this duty, which they consider an extension of their jihad in the service of the homeland. "
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