The al-Waha Fodder Factory uses the slogan (Made in Iraq) to support the country’s economy.

The al-Waha Fodder Factory of Al-Kafeel General Investments Company is considered one of the factories that achieved a qualitative and quantitative leap in the field of poultry raising, and that contributes to achieving self-sufficiency in this product, which has high-quality technical specifications comparable to its counterparts imported from abroad, relying on Iraqi expertise in this field in support of the national industry.
The al-Kafeel Network met with the director of the factory, Mr Hamid Majeed, who stated: "The plant produces animal feed with a production capacity of 20 tons / hour, from plant ingredients only and with high efficiency, given through practical experiments the highest growth rates according to the age of the poultry, from the first to the age of poultry marketing. "
He added: "The factory works with modern technologies that are considered the most advanced in the world by using electronic control, to give positive and clear results through the product that is subject to examinations before and after production, through a series of procedures inside advanced laboratories, and the (feed) from which fodder is produced is always under monitoring. As for the materials involved in production, all of them are of high quality and free from impurities. "
Majeed affirmed: “As a result of the positive results achieved by the factory’s products, which were reflected in the reality of poultry production, the demand for feed has increased significantly, by poultry farmers and the agents present in the various governorates of Iraq.”
It is noteworthy that the factory is located in the Ibrahimya area, on an area of ​​(10) dunums, and it was established for the purpose of:
- Evaluating and supporting the poultry farming sector in Iraq by providing them with concentrated feeds of healthy and appropriate vegetable components only.
- Complete the education and production plan within the country.
- Contribute to supporting the national economy.
- Taking advantage of the raw materials available in the country and encouraging their cultivation.
- Contributing to the employment of the Iraqi workforce.
- Encouraging breeders to improve poultry wealth in Iraqi society, using modern technology in the field of feed manufacturing.
- Contributing to restoring the prestige of the Iraqi industry and highlighting it.
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