Al-Abbas Squad: Citizens can bury their deceased because of the Coronavirus in their private cemeteries.

The Abbas (peace be upon him) fighting squad (brigade / 26 popular mobilization) confirmed that citizens can bury their deceased because of the Coronavirus, in their private cemeteries, in the condition that the burial ceremonies should be under the Squad's supervision, after the issuance of official health clearances in this regard.
The number of deceased who were washed, shrouded and buried reached (22) deceased, (15) of them are men and (7) are women since the opening of the ablution site until now.
To communicate with ablution staff:
Omnea / 07602421477
Asia / 07278941666
Al-Athir / 07806196550

Note that working hours are from (8) in the evening until (5) in the morning.
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