The Al-Abbas Squad continues to provide medical services to confined people in their homes

The rapid response medical team in Kasbah Al-Bashir of the Abbas (peace be upon him) fighting squad (brigade / 26 popular mobilization) continues its services, and for the seventh consecutive day, it provides medical services to the infected people by coronavirus who are isolated in their homes, in coordination with the Operations and Emergency Medicine Department of the Kirkuk Health Department.

These services are part of the activities of the squad for providing services and medical care for people affected by the Coronavirus, through several campaigns implemented by its representatives in various cities of the country.

As for the city of Wasit, the squad formed a medical team to treat patients with coronavirus who are confined in their homes, and the central media of the squad indicate that the team includes specialists in the field of medicine, to treat the infected people in cooperation with the medical staff in the Wasit Health Department.

He added: The team also provides medical treatments and oxygen, in addition to taking the tests of those who were in contact with the infected ones, to ensure their safety and to provide care for them.
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