Within the activities of the Commander of the Faithful First Annual Festival

Delegation of the holy shrines of Kerbala Province visits El-Imamya & Ezzehra’ Religious Universities in Lecknow City - India

May 27, 2013. Within the tours made by the delegation of the holy shrines of Kerbala Province in Lecknow City – India, El-Imamya & Ezzehra’ Religious Universities for females have been visited by the delegation. These two universities are of many universities in Lecknow City that teach both genders.

The delegation has been received by a supreme religious authority namely Sayed Seffi Haider, then they were briefed about the universities and the process of education. The representative of the delegation said Sayed Mohammed Hussain El-Emeedi, said that the focus of the tour was check the religious schools in order to maintain the relation between the holy shrines in Kerbala Province and religious schools in India, and to keep pace with the last activities in the field of publications, translations, some others.

Sayed El-Emeedi, also mentioned that the Supreme Religious Authority in Iraq is willing to sponsor any students would like to study in Nejaf Province – Iraq. He also delivered a speech in which he encouraged the female students in the college for their efforts made towards learning.
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