Commemorating the death of Grand Lady Zaineb (Peace be upon her)

Procession of the Imam Hussein & El-Abbas holy shrines marches

Procession of the Imam Hussein & El-Abbas holy shr
Commemorating the death of the Grand Lady Zaineb, {Imam Hussein’s sister} (peace be upon her), the procession of the Imam Hussein and El-Abbas holy shrines marched from the Zainebi Mound Sanctuary to Imam Hussein and El-Abbas holy shrines reiterating sorrowful shouts and then finished by performing a sorrowful ceremony about the Grand Lady Zaineb (peace be upon her).

Information about Lady Zaineb, (peace be upon her).

Her name: Zaineb, daughter of Imam Ali Bin Abi TAlib (peace be upon them).
Her Father: Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib, (peace be upon him).
Her Mother: Fatima, daughter of Prophet Mohammed, (peace be upon them).
Her Parental Grandfather: Abi Talib, son of Abdul Mut-Talib, (peace be upon them).
Her Parental Grandmother: Fatima, daughter of Asad, (peace be upon them).
Her Maternal Grandfather: The greatest Prophet Of Allah Mohammed, the Divinely Chosen Prophet (All blessings & peace be upon him & his pure family).
Her Maternal Grandmother: Amina, daughter of Lahab, (peace be upon her).
Her epithet is (Um Kelthum). It’s been narrated that another epithet of hers is (Um El-Hasan).

Her nicknames are derived of her noble qualities:

1. (The Decent), which it literally means the woman whose moral standards are acceptable to society, treats people in a fair and kind way, and is always wearing enough clothes so that nothing of her appeared especially the veil to cover the face completely. Also, she was nicknamed the Decent for being the most decent, generous, noble and the best woman in Islam and among all Arabs.

2. (The Knowledgeable), as historians narrate that she was the Supreme Religious Authority for the Muslim women where if any women had anything they were unaware of used to consult her.

3. (The great woman worshipper of Imam Ali’s pure family) Lady Zaineb (peace be upon her), was the best woman worshipper as historians narrated about her, where she didn’t leave any supererogatory prayers behind. It’s been narrated that she performed the supererogatory prayers on the most severe and bitter night which is the eleventh night of Ashura’ of Muarram month.

4. (The Perfect), she is the most perfect woman in Islam according to her noble qualities as being pure and decent.

5. (The Virtuous), she was the best Muslim woman in struggling against injustice and serving Islam in the way of Allah.
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