Completion of the first phase of maintenance of some parts of Karbala Teaching Hospital for Children.

Despite being entrusted with external work, such as constructing Hayat buildings to treat people with the Coronavirus in a number of governorates, and internal works related to the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, the engineering maintenance department staffs completed the first phase of the campaign to maintain and develop some parts of the Karbala Teaching Hospital for Children, and began its second phase.
The first phase, according to what was explained to the al-Kafeel Network by engineer Muhammad Mustafa al-Tawil, head of the construction works division of the department, which is responsible for carrying out these works: “Rehabilitation of the hospital’s first bathrooms, which were suffering from many damages, which negatively affected the services provided to its patients. The area of these bathrooms reached (18) square meters, with six bathroom units, in addition to fountains for washing hands."
He added, "These bathrooms unit has been completely rehabilitated, as many works have been carried out on it, including removing the old floor and cladding it with another quality, and the wall ceramics were removed and replaced with a new one, and a secondary ceiling was installed for it with lighting and connection of air drawers and water heaters for them, and making new doors for them in addition to painting them from the outside and re-wiring its main water pipes, in addition to installing new toilet seats and re-establishing sewage lines again.
Al-Tawil explained: "The transition will be made to the other phase of the project, which will include two other bathroom units, and maintenance of hospital corridors and repair of those affected, in addition to other works."
It is noteworthy that the work of maintaining and developing some parts of this hospital is part of a series of humanitarian projects presented by the al-Abbas's (P) Holy Shrine, and is part of the plan to rehabilitate some government sectors that suffer from poor services, including a group of schools and humanitarian institutions such as the Hanan House for severe mental disability and others .
In turn, the hospital administration expressed its great thanks and gratitude to the al-Abbas's holy shrine and those in charge of it, for this initiative, especially in light of the spread of the Corona epidemic in the country.
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