The Relief and Support Division from the assignment of the holy defense fatwa fighters to social solidarity.

The Relief and Support Division of the al-Abbas's (P) Holy Shrine, which includes within its units deployed in most of the governorates of Iraq, processions of logistical support, volunteer charitable organizations and institutions, had a prominent and distinctive role in supporting the fighters of the Holy Defense Fatwa, while they were fighting the terrorist gangs of ISIS until victory. And their convoys are still continuing the help until this moment, you see them moving from time to time from one sector to another and from one province to another, even after the end of the military operations and the liberation of Iraq from the defilement of ISIS terrorist gangs.
And as soon as the Supreme Religious Authority issued directives to stand with those who had been affected due to the repercussions of the spread of the Corona epidemic, in addition to supporting and assigning the medical staff to confront this epidemic, these processions were at the forefront of responding to this call. So they directed their services to these segments according to a schedule and a special action plan. The division units and their associated processions participated in it.
This is what was explained to the al-Kafeel Network, by the division's official, Professor Qassem Rahim Al-Maamouri, who added: “The Relief and Support Division in the al-Abbas's holy shrine and its units spread throughout the governorates of Iraq, which include logistical support convoys and voluntary charitable organizations and institutions, are still submitting their aid after supporting them during the fight, so that these processions earn the name "Partners of Victory"
Indicating: “Since the outbreak of the epidemic, these processions have devoted their efforts and work to many axes, the most important of which are:
- Helping the families affected by the imposition of the preventive curfew, by providing food baskets and some items they need during this period.
- Helping and supporting the medical staff by conducting extensive campaigns of sterilization, in addition to providing some other supplies for hospitals, such as oxygen bottles and sterilization materials, and making field tours through rapid response teams to follow up on the conditions of the quarantined homes.
- Manufacturing thousands of masks and protective clothing and distributing them to a number of medical groups and citizens.
- Preparing meals and distributing them to the quarantined in the isolation wards as well as to the medical and nursing staff."
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