A photo gallery of the holy shrines in Iraq held by the El-Abbas holy shrine in Lecknow City - India

The El-Abbas holy shrine held a photo gallery of the holy shrines in Iraq. A great number of people of different religions arrived to the gallery. The gallery also displayed the attack campaigns against the holy shrines and the stages of reconstructing them.

Ahmed El-Husseini, the head of the gallery stated that the aim of the gallery was to grant an opportunity to the adorers of Ahlulbait (p.b.u.t) to be informed of the holy shrines in Iraq. Through those matchless photos, the visitor would think as if he is visiting the holy shrines.

It’s been mentioned that the aim of holding such festivals in and outside of Iraq is to promulgating the knowledge of Ahlulbaith (p.b.u.t) and to inform the world about the great landmarks of the holy shrines of Kerbala Province – Iraq.
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