The fifth Hayat building for treating people with Coronavirus in Baghdad is reaching its final stages.

The engineer of the Fifth Hayat Building project in Baghdad, Karar Brihi, stated to the al-Kafeel Network about the advancement of work: "We can summarize the current works as follows:

- The first part, which area is (1377) square meters and includes (56) single rooms: The completion rate is more than 95%, and all of its actual joints have been completed and only the floor paint is left with epoxy, in addition to covering its outer wall with insulation materials.

- The second part, which has the same size as the first part and the same number of rooms: The completion rate in it has reached more than 80%, and the ongoing work is the completion of secondary ceilings and painting the walls of the rooms, the cladding of bathrooms, and the installation of the external cooling system (Split Unit), in addition to finishes of the fresh air flow system and the discharge of polluted air. It is only a few days and its completion rates will be close to the first part.

- The third part, which has an area of ​​(1000) square meters and includes (19) rooms: The completion rates of all of its works have reached more than 78%, and the current works are installing secondary ceilings and some electrical wiring, covering its bathrooms and some other work that witness progress in the after the completion of the rest of parts. "

Brihi continued, "There are other works that are carried out in conjunction with the previous works, namely the construction of the outer fence of the building, which isolates it from its vicinity and makes it special, as the concrete barbed foundation has been completed and its bases bearing the walls have been installed."

He concluded his speech: "The remainder of the project area will be invested as green spaces and gardens, to give the spirit of hope and optimism in the hearts of the patients in this building."
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