In record time: Advanced completion rate of the Seventh Hayat Building project in Babylon Governorate.

The seventh building for the treatment of those affected by the Coronavirus in Babylon Governorate, which is carried out by the cadres of the maintenance and engineering construction department at the al-Abbas's holy shrine, is witnessing an escalation in the pace of its work, and its working hours have reached (19) continuous working hours distributed on three shifts (morning - evening - night) ), In order to complete it within what is planned and to enter the service as soon as possible, which contributes to reducing the momentum on the Hayat lobbies in the province, and increases the clinical capacity of it in light of the increasing number of affected ones.
This is according to what Ammar Salah, the engineer of the project, explained to the al-Kafeel Network, adding: “The works are currently distributed to all parts of the project, which is built on an area of ​​(3500) square meters and includes (98) single rooms, in addition to more than (25).medical, administrative and service rooms, according to a work plan that we followed in a way that guarantees continuity and non-intersection of work."
Regarding the most important percentages achieved by the staff working in this project, he explained: “The current works are:
- Installing ducts for the two fresh air propulsion and polluted air disposal systems, which were manufactured in the maintenance and engineering construction department's workshops, and the completion rate reached 47%.
- Work continues in wiring the alarm and fire alarm systems, and the completion rate has reached 85%.
- Cladding the bathrooms' floors with ceramic in the single rooms, and the completion rate has reached 37%.
- Cladding the corridors separating the three parts of the project and the surrounding buildings belonging to the Marjan Medical City with the (Muqarnas), where the percentage of completion in these works reached 30%.
- The electrical system work is continuous according to the loads specified for it, and the percentage of completion of what was wired reached 95%.
- Continuing to install the insulating sections on the walls of the building (Gypsum Boards), the completion rate of which has reached 95%.
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