Doctors at Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital succeed in treating an infant suffering from colon paralysis without resorting to a laparotomy

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital succeeded in treating a two-month-old baby suffering from congenital colon palsy, where the operation was performed in one stage.
A specialist in pediatric general surgery at Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital, Dr. Sarmad Al-Rubaie, said: "A medical team headed by us succeeded in performing the operation of congenital colon palsy for a two-month-old baby."
Adding: "The baby was suffering from a disease (lack of nerve perfusion of the rectal colon), or what is known as congenital colon palsy."
Al-Rubaie explained: “The operation was performed in a one-stage (delatory) method, which included excising the diseased colon and withdrawing the healthy colon, depending on the examination of the frozen histological analysis during surgery, without the need to open the abdomen or perform colostomy."
Pointing out that: "The baby regained his health status within a short period, and left the hospital four days after the operation."
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