Starting the works of ventilation and oxygen systems for the Seventh Hayat Building project in Babylon Governorate.

The cadres of the maintenance and engineering construction department at the al-Abbas's holy shrine, working on the Seventh Hayat Building project for treating people with the Coronavirus in Babylon Governorate, began installing clean air and polluted air propulsion systems and conveyors, and the oxygen system for this building, in addition to continuing the work of painting and leveling wall surfaces in preparation for dyeing them, according to the technical and medical specifications.
This is what Ammar Salah, the engineer of the project, explained to the al-Kafeel Network, and added: “The buildings that the al-Abbas's holy shrine were responsible for establishing for treating people with the Coronavirus, had many advantages, whether from the technical and design side or from the health side, and from these features are the fresh air propulsion systems ( Full Fresh), through which air is pushed into the rooms and corridors of the building by (Ducts), and it works according to a special mechanism that allows fresh air free of impurities to enter, in addition to another system that complements its work is the polluted air disposal system as well as the central oxygen system.
He continued: "The work with the connections of these systems begins with the installation of their conveyor sections (ducts) for the two systems to push the fresh air and discard the polluted one. As for the oxygen system, it is wired by means of copper tubes of special measurements, in which all isolation rooms are equipped."
Indicating: “These works were accompanied by other works, such as the dyeing works for the walls of the building rooms, which consist of an insulating layer (sandwich panel) in addition to another layer of (gypsum board), which prepares them to start dyeing works after they are leveled and modified. ".
He concluded: "The current ongoing works are distributed over the three parts of the project, which total area is (3500) square meters and includes (98) single rooms, in addition to more than (25) medical, administrative and service rooms."
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