After completing its first part, the work in the Fifth Hayat Building project for treating people with Coronavirus in Baghdad continues in the other parts.

The works of the Fifth Hayat Building project for treating people with coronavirus in the capital, Baghdad, have reached their final stages. After the first part of the project was completed earlier, the works continue in its other two parts, where the staff of the Maintenance and Engineering Construction Department of the al-Abbas's (P) holy shrine and operating in this project, harness an exceptional effort that results began to appear day after day.

The engineer of the project, Karrar Brihi, told Al-Kafeel Network that: “After the works of the first part of the project, which is built on an area of (1,377) square meters and included (56) single rooms, were completed, the work is focused on the remaining two parts of the project, where the second part, which is similar to the first in terms of area and number of rooms, witnesses many works, including painting its internal walls after they were completed and modified, in addition to continuing work on secondary ceilings and preparing the floor for coating it with epoxy. This part also witnessed the end of the work of cladding the bathrooms, linking all their foundations with liquefaction water and sanitary drainage, and linking it to the main conveyor lines, as well as the end of the work of connecting the parts of the fresh air and polluted air propulsion systems, and the alarm and fire system."

He added: "The third part, which has an area of ​​(1100) square meters, includes (19) rooms, the completion rate of which has reached more than 85%, and the work currently underway in it is to install the parts of the air systems and other support systems, in addition to fixing the doors and windows with electrical works, from wiring and fixing the main boards as well as the secondary ceilings, in addition to some other works that go in parallel, such as painting its walls.

Brihi explained, “The remaining works were distributed as follows:

- Finishing the outer fence of the building that separated it from its surroundings.

- Prepare the ground for green spaces for the purpose of planting them with seasonal and permanent trees and roses.

- Work continues to cover the facade of the building from the outside with special insulation and decoration partitions.
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