With a qualitative operation: Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital doctors succeed in treating with laser a patient with anomalies of the larynx.

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Specialized Hospital has succeeded in treating a young Yemeni man suffering from obstruction and deformities in the larynx, after he visited many hospitals in a number of countries and did not obtain a success rate that would encourage him to undergo the operation.
A specialist in otolaryngology at the hospital, Dr. Adel Al-Masoudi, said: "A medical team headed by us has succeeded in treating a Yemeni patient with a blockage and major deformities in the larynx."
He added: "The capabilities and technologies provided by the hospital administration played a major role in treating the patient, including laser technology, which enabled us to perform the operation easily and without facing any difficulties."
He emphasized: "The operation is qualitative and rare, and it is difficult to perform it in many health centers in the world."
Pointing out that: "After performing the operation with a month of follow-up, the patient regained his health and returned to his country, Yemen, and he praises the medical services provided by Al-Kafeel Hospital to him."
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