14 chandeliers decorate the ceiling and walls of the qibla gate of the shrine of Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him)

The staffs of the chandeliers division affiliated to the Department of the Care of the Holy Sanctuary at the al-Abbas's holy shrine completed the installation of chandeliers on the ceiling of the Qibla gate of the shrine of Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him), in addition to the walls on which wall brackets were installed on both sides of the gate, and these works fall within the stages of the expansion of the Qibla gate to the shrine of Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) from the inside, and its cladding with Islamic inscriptions and ornaments, which were completed last week.
To find out more details about these chandeliers and their connotations, the head of the division, Mr. Hussein Abd Rabbo, spoke to the Kafeel Network, saying: “The number of chandeliers installed in the ceiling of the gate reached (14) chandeliers, installed in the center of each of the domes contained in the roof, which symbolize the fourteen infallible (Peace be upon them), two of them are installed in the ceiling of the entrance to the gate and contain (25) lamps with a height (180 cm) and a width (97 cm), while the other twelve chandeliers are of (96 cm) in height and (81 cm) and contain (25) lamps as well. ".
He added, "As for the walls of the gate, (12) brackets have been installed, with a height of (76 cm) and a width (63 cm), pushed outwards by (90 cm), and each one consists of (12) lamps distributed on its left and right sides, and in the middle of the upper side of the 12 decorative arches. "
He emphasized: "The chandeliers and brackets that have been installed are in harmony with the chandeliers of the Holy Shrine, to create a state of artistic harmony between these chandeliers on the one hand, and the rest of the interior and exterior decorations and inscriptions on the other hand."
It is noteworthy that the chandeliers were imported from international origins, specifically from a company of the Czech Republic, which is characterized by the manufacture of the finest types of chandeliers made of natural crystal, which is the company (BRILLANT CRYSTAL LIGHTING), which is one of the largest companies with a long experience in this industry, and these chandeliers were manufactured specifically for the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine based on the needs of the sanctuary of Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him).
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