The Center for Manuscript Imaging and Indexing organizes an electronic seminar on the Karbalai manuscript heritage and the role of institutions in preserving it.

The Center for Manuscript Imaging and Indexing, affiliated to the Library and Manuscripts House of the al-Abbas's (P) Holy Shrine, intends to hold a specialized symposium under the title: (The Karbala Manuscript Heritage and the Impact of Cultural Institutions in its Preservation". The webinar is considered one of the important seminars for the historical position of the holy city of Karbala, given the presence of the holy shrines in it, as well as its religious schools and private and public libraries. It will take place on Thursday (August 20, 2020) on the platform of the (GOOGLE MEET) program at five in the afternoon.

Director of the Center, Mr. Salah Al-Sarraj, spoke to Al-Kafeel Network about this seminar, saying: “This symposium is the second webinar that our center holds remotely, due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, we resorted to using special electronic platforms and programs to maintain and communicate our activities, and the symposium includes two lectures:

The first: The Center's role in photographing and cataloging Karbala'i manuscripts kept in private and public libraries and their scientific importance, given by the researcher Haider Jassim al-Kinani, who is cataloging manuscripts at the center.

The second: the non-investigated Karbalai heritage, given by the assistant teacher, Mustafa Tariq Al-Shibli.

There will be certificates of participation of the attendees in the seminar sent via e-mail.

He concluded by saying: "We invite all professors, researchers and specialists to participate in this symposium. And to join the symposium, here's the link:
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