For the first time in Iraq: the launch of the Jaber bin Hayyan program for people with Coronavirus, with the support of the al-Abbas's holy shrine.

The College of Medicine at Jaber Bin Hayyan Medical University, in cooperation with the Department of Health in Najaf, and direct support from the al-Abbas's holy shrine, represented by its technical staff working in the Al-Kafeel Center for Information Technology of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs, held a conference on the launch of the Jaber bin Hayyan electronic program for Covid / 19 patients .
The conference was held electronically via the Zoom platform, and presented by Dr. Laith Sharba, a consultant for thoracic and cardiovascular surgery, representing Jaber Bin Hayyan University, Dr. Yasser Fathi Sharba, representing the Health Department of Najaf, and Dr. Abdullah Al-Baghdadi, a research doctor at the University of Graz in Austria.
Dr. Laith Sharba gave a detailed explanation of the objectives and benefits of this program, saying: “The aim of (Jaber Bin Hayyan Online Program for Covid / 19 Patients) is to simplify the management of health institutions in centers, hospitals and laboratories, by ensuring access to correct, accurate and comprehensive information related topic in a timely manner, reducing the momentum on it with the provision of periodic reports and graphic statistics on patients, which can be used in treating patients in the best way through this data, in addition to that, the numbers of injured, recoveries and deaths are counted according to geographical areas, to facilitate dealing with the disease in the best way. And the utilization of the blood plasma of the recovered patients in treating the sick ones. "
He added: “The (Jaber Bin Hayyan Electronic Program for Covid / 19 Patients) adopts electronic connectivity via the Internet, with all hospitals, centers and laboratories of the Health Department of Najaf, according to the powers specified for each section to enter data, starting from the health center and transferring to the hospital and then to the laboratory. Or, through home quarantine, with direct follow-up from the health staff, and the introduction of laboratory results, periodic treatments, and the patient’s health status, so that it is an integrated health system to follow up the patient electronically through this program and paperwork is dispensed with.
Pointing out that: "The program can be expanded to include all governorates of Iraq."
As for the benefit of (the Jaber bin Hayyan electronic program for Covid / 19 patients), Sharba said: “The benefit of this program is as follows:
1- Developing an electronic program that helps manage those affected by the Covid / 19 electronically, which reduces the momentum occurring in hospitals and health centers in the health department of Najaf, (and it is possible to include all health departments in the Iraqi governorates).
2- Obtaining graphic reports and statistics that can be used in treating new patients, through blood plasma or the established treatment methods.
3- Reducing the administrative cost and speeding up the process of data transfer between the health departments of Najaf and the medical staff.
4- The program helps to ensure greater efficiency in using the health staff's time, as more time can be spent providing better care and for a larger number of patients.
After that, many clarifying questions were asked by the attendees, to find out as much information as possible about the feasibility of launching this program, and its great importance, especially in light of the current situation.
For their part, those concerned with the launch of the application thanked the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine and its technical staff at the Al-Kafeel Information Technology Center affiliated to the Intellectual and Cultural Affairs Department, for their strenuous technical programmatic efforts that they provided in order to optimize the application.
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