International Medical Imamia (IMI) Contributes (from afar) to the medical institutions in Iraq instead of their annual services in Karbala during Arbaeen

For more than nine years, the International Medical Imamia Organization (IMI) in cooperation with Al-Abbas holy shrine have been providing medical and therapeutic services to the visitors of Imam Hussein, by setting up a medical camp in which volunteer doctors from different parts of the world participate in various specialties.

However, due to the repercussions of the corona pandemic, the organization changed its field service method this year by being honored to serve remotely. The doctors this year have decided to provide the necessary medical treatment supplies and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in support of the staff of medical clinics, hospitals and laboratories in Iraq.

Dr. Osama Abdel-Hassan, the Medical Affairs Director of Al-Abbas Holy Shrine and representative of the IMI organization in Iraq, said in an interview to Al-kafeel network: “The IMI is one of the organizations registered within the United Nations, with more than ten thousand affiliates distributed across more than 12 countries who have participated for years in Iraq. In previous years, the IMI have provided a variety of medical services to the visitors of Imam Hussein and Al-Abbas (PBUT) during Arbaeen. However, due to the outbreak of the virus in addition to health recommendation of social distancing, this year the organization has changed its plan and will provide medical and therapeutic materials/equipment. In cooperation with Lady Fatima Charitable Trust (LFCT), who is one of the main suppliers of medical PPE in Iraq, IMI have donated personal protective equipment (PPE), masks, surgical gowns, and other supplies. These products are made locally by professional tailors (widowed mothers) who have been enrolled in a first of its kind program in Iraq, called Mothernomcis, where widowed mothers produce a wide variety of products ranging from medical protective wear to children and women clothing.”

In cooperation with the holy shrines of Iraq, including Al-Abass holy shrine, the organization establishes numerous medical camps annually. The camp was organized with the holy shrine for nine years providing medical services to visitors. Majority of the doctors who participated come countries UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Tanzania and many others). Services are provided over the course of twenty-four hours, as the number of volunteers last year reached 120.
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