A great number of Iraqi & foreign publishing houses participate in the Kerbala Ninth International Book Fair

A veiw of the main gait of the fair
More than 400 publishing houses and agencies are participating in the Kerbala Ninth International Book Fair which is held under the title of (Imam Hussein is the ideal and the best call to the Good). The fair would be held on June 10 – 25, 2013.

Muyaseir El-Hekeem, the head of the fair stated that more than 190 publishing houses of 400 ones had been accepted to participate in the fair. He also mentioned that publishing houses from Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Britain, America, Saudi Arabia, India, and Algiers have been approved.

The place which has been determined to have the fair situated at is 3440 square meters. Also, it has been mentioned that many official invitations have been sent to so many parties to participate in such a great and remarkable fair.
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