Events of the Ashura mourning.

After dawn prayers the Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) arrayed his companions, out of whom thirty-two were mounted and forty were on foot. He entrusted the command of the right wing to Zuhayr ibn Qayn and that of left wing to Habib ibn Modhahir and also entrusted the standard to his brother Abbas. They positioned themselves in front of the tents, with their backs towards them. Then Imam commanded that the firewood, which was kept behind the tents, be put in the moat dug at night behind the tents and set it on fire, lest the enemies might attack from behind.

Umar ibn Sa’d also arrayed his forces in the morning of that day. He entrusted the command of the right wing to Amr ibn Hajjaj Zubaydi, the left wing to Shimr ibn Jawshan, the mounted soldiers to Azra ibn Qays Ahmasi and the infantrymen to Shibth ibn Rabie.

Umar bin Sa’ad appointed also Abdullah bin Zuhayr Azdi in charge of (the unit of) Madina. Besides he designated Qays bin Ash’as in charge over the (unit of the) tribes of Rabi’ah and Kinda, Abdul Rahman bin Abu Sabarah Hanafi over (unit of the) Mazhaj and Asad, Hurr bin Yazeed Riyahi over Tameem and Hamadan. And gave the standard in the hand of his slave Durayd.

When the army proceed­ed towards Imam Hussayn (peace be upon him) in the morning, he raised his hands towards the heavens and said,

“O Allah! You are my support in all severities and are my hope in all adversities. And You are my support and reservoir in all unpleasantaries which befalls me. Whatever numerous grief comes to heart, remedies blocked, and friends (having) deserted, and enemies rejoicing, I have brought forth to You and complain to You regarding them, and I do not turn to anyone except You. And You warded them off and sufficed. You are the Master of all blessings and the Possessor of all virtues, and the last Resort of all desires.”
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