More than 90% of what has been completed in the Seventh Hayat Building project in Babylon.

The Department of Maintenance and Engineering Construction in the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine announced that its staff working on the Seventh Hayat Building project in Babylon Governorate are still working on it, and the completion rate has exceeded 90% for the project as a whole, which area is (3500) square meters and includes (98) rooms Single, in addition to more than (25) medical, administrative and service rooms, located within the vicinity of Marjan Medical City in the governorate.

According to the engineer of the project, Ammar Salah: “The work has recently witnessed an escalation in its pace, because these stages are among the phases leading to the conclusion of the project as a whole, which completion rate has reached more than 90%, in addition to that, our staffs were supported with additional staff as a result of the completion of the Hayat lobbies in the governorates of Baghdad and Al-Muthanna, and the work is going on in three buildings simultaneously, and this will increase the completion rates day after day.

Stressing: “The works are being carried out with a high flow, and the current stage of work is distributed among the parts of the project, thanks to the concerted efforts of workers who are doing their best, and working as a beehive, spread over all the joints of the project, and that each stage is divided over its area and moves in it sequentially from one part.”

Indicating: “The works and their completion rates are as follows:

- The work of repairing and preparing walls for dyeing, in addition to painting them with the basic material of dye and the (anti-bacteria)material: the completion rate has reached 60%.

- Fixing of the secondary ceiling sections, the completion rate of reached 55%.

- Installing room doors and external doors that were manufactured in the department's workshops, the percentage of completion reached 75%.

- Finishing the floors of the bathrooms with ceramic for the isolation rooms, after the installation of their walls was completed.

- The electrical system and its wiring work have reached a 70% completion rate.

- The air fresh system has reached 80% installation rate for its conveyor parts, which includes the main carrier line and its branches to the rooms.

- The polluted air disposal system, which is considered complementary to the previous system, has achieved 85%.

- Wiring the oxygen system and its conveying lines to the rooms, the rate of completion of which reached 75%.

- Fixing the external cooling parts (split unit), the completion rate of which reached 70%.

- Work continues to clad the corridors separating the three parts and the hospital building, and the completion rate has reached 90%."
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