Dates from between the two holy shrines are distributed to visitors and those infected with Coronavirus.

The afforestation and ornamental division in the Department of the area between the two holy shrines of the holy shrines of Imam al-Hussayn and of al-Abbas (peace be upon both of them), began to harvest the fruits of the dates from the palms located in the square beside the covered area, and then distributed it to visitors who intend to perform the Ziyarat of the two holy shrines during these sad days of the commemoration of the at-Taf tragedy and the martyrdom of Imam al-Hussayn, his family and companions (peace be upon them), as blessing gifts. In addition to distributing them to the patients affected by coronavirus and the condolences' processions.
Sayed Nafe' al-Mosawi, head of the mentioned department, spoke to the al-Kafeel Network, saying: "The palm trees are one of the most important green landscapes that give a spectacular appearance to the region, which prompted the administration of the department to create its own watering system and then fertilizing and sustaining them through the control of agricultural pests with the finest pesticides, as well as replacing some of them with rare varieties, these works were culminated by reaping fruits (dates), and distributed to visitors after being picked and collected in a special place and then cleaned. Then put it in special boxes, tagged with the name of the department and distributed free of charge to visitors."
He added: "This year, we harvest the dates while the visitors and condolences' processions are present in large numbers, and we added to them those affected by Coronavirus, and thus invested this occasion to distribute the large number of dates. "
It is noteworthy that the afforestation and ornamental division of the Department of the Two Holy Shrines, seeks to develop gardens between the Two Holy Shrines, especially palm trees, through planting rare varieties and care of the plant through fertilizing, cleaning and harvesting their fruits.
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