The work of the seventh Hayat building for treating people with Coronavirus in Babylon reaches its final stages, and the percentage of accomplishment exceeds 95%.

The Engineering Maintenance Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine announced that its staff working in the seventh Hayat building project for treating people with coronavirus, located in the Marjan Medical City of the Babylon Governorate Health Department, and implemented as a humanitarian initiative to support health personnel in confronting this epidemic, have reached the stage of terminations, and that the next few days will witness its delivery according to the technical and medical specifications that are compatible with the purpose for which it was established, and it will be a qualitative addition to the health facilities in the governorate in a way that contributes to increasing their clinical capacity, to accommodate the increasing numbers of the affected ones in the governorate and to relieve pressure on the rest of the isolations lobbies.

This is what Ammar Salah, the engineer of the project, confirmed to the al-Kafeel network, adding: “The terminations phase in each project is considered one of the important stages that reflect what has been implemented, and this is in the regular projects, let alone in a specialized medical project, where our staff have made every effort, both at this stage and in the stages that preceded it, in order to complete it in a timely manner, defying the circumstances due to the lack of number of workers because the department was assigned to similar work in the governorates of Baghdad, Muthanna and Karbala, in addition to the work of the Holy Shrine and high temperatures, as well as their proximity to the place where the coronavirus patients were treated, but all of these circumstances were a motivation for them to finish what they were assigned to do. "

Indicating: “The work currently in progress was distributed as follows:

- Preparation for the work of coating the floor with epoxy material in the first part, which is 800 square meters and includes 42 single rooms, with the start of the building façade work that started from this part and will continue in succession.

- The second part, which corresponds to the first part in terms of area and number of rooms, has been started to clean the building and its floor to be ready for coating with epoxy material, with fixing the iron sections of the building façade.

- The third part, which has an area of ​​(1100) square meters, and includes (14) rooms. The works that are nearing completion are the secondary ceilings, with some other works that will be completed within this day."

He indicated: "All work of cladding corridors and preparing green spaces has been completed, as well as the completion of the installation of the medical oxygen system, which is one of the additions to this project, and which will feed it with pure and medical oxygen."

He added: "Work is currently underway to complete the facade of the building with cork insulation materials, in addition to the completion of the work of connecting the main water sources to the building and connecting sewage transmission lines to its outlets, in addition to some special works."

He concluded, "The department's workshops are now working on completing the equipment of the building and all its rooms and clinics, with their own medical or administrative furniture."
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