The head of the Medical Affairs Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine and the director of the Babylon Health Department are briefed on the latest developments in the work of the Seventh Hayat Building.

A delegation from the al-Abbas's Holy Shrine, which included the head of the Engineering Maintenance and Construction Department, Engineer Samir Abbas, and the head of the Medical Affairs Department in it, Dr. Osama Abdel-Hassan, conducted a field tour on the Seventh Hayat Building project, which is currently being carried out by the cadres of the aforementioned department in Babylon governorate to treat people with Coronavirus, in order to closely examine the latest works' development of this project, which began nearing completion. The delegation was accompanied on this tour by Director General of the Babylon Health Department, Dr. Muhammad Hashem al-Jaafari and Director of Marjan Medical City (the project is located within its area).

Dr. Osama Abdel-Hassan explained to the Al-Kafeel Network: “This visit is one of many visits, whether to this building or other buildings, in order to see the progress of work, and we were accompanied on this tour by the director of the Babylon Health Department who listened to a brief explanation on the work currently underway by the head of the maintenance and engineering construction department, and the progress achieved by the work in record time despite all circumstances. He was also informed of the new additions to the building, especially the medical oxygen system. And also viewing the most important works of the final phase of the project, which it is hoped will open in the coming days.

Emphasizing that the staffs of the al-Abbas's (P) Holy Shrine have exerted their utmost efforts, whether in this building or in the rest of the buildings, in order to complete it within the medical and technical specifications, which will constitute a shift in increasing the clinical capacity of hospitals in Babylon Governorate.

At the end of the tour, Dr. al-Jaafari presented his sincere thanks to the al-Abbas's (P) holy shrine and its staffs working in this project, for this initiative that reflects the sense of responsibility towards society and the great challenges facing Iraqi citizens, and contributes to accelerating victory over this pandemic.
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