Finishing covering the floors of the first and second parts of the seventh Hayat building with epoxy and antibacterial agents.

The Department of Maintenance and Engineering Construction at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine announced that its staff working in the Seventh Hayat Building project for treating people with Coronavirus in Babylon Governorate have finished coating the floors of the first and second parts of it with epoxy and antibacterial materials, which are medically licensed materials for use in such health buildings.

This is according to what was confirmed to the al-Kafeel Network, by the engineer of the project, Ammar Salah, who added: “The works in the project are proceeding according to what is decreed for them, and with the grace of God Almighty and the blessings of those whom we were honored to serve and thanks to the workers' efforts in this project, we have reached the final stage. "

Adding: "The first and second parts have an area of ​​800 square meters each and contain 42 single rooms. These works were preceded by preliminary works that included preparing the floor, cleaning and treating it with special materials, in addition to spraying it with anti-bacteria and rotting materials, and then the painting work that was in three stages. And this includes the whole area of ​​the rooms and the corridor separating the two wings, and will be followed by the work of fixing the pieces separating this floor from the walls, in addition to fixing the wooden sections on the building corridors."

And Salah continued: "As for the third part, which has an area of ​​(1100) square meters and includes (14) rooms. The painting work has begun in its first stages, provided that it is completed within the specified time."

He concluded: "Other works are being carried out in parallel to these works, which are covering the building from the outside with insulating and compressed cork materials, in addition to preparing green spaces and cleaning construction waste."
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