With a participation of 112 artists, the El-Abbas holy shrine inaugurates its 1st Annual Artistic Exhibition

A view of the inauguration
Tuesday June 11, 2013. The El-Abbas holy shrine inaugurated its 1st Annual Artistic Exhibition under the title of (Glow of El-Abbas {p.b.u.h} grants the identity of the creators) and it would continue for three days. It has been mentioned that the inauguration would coincide with the inauguration of Alkafee Publishing and Distribution House.

Sayed Mohammed Al Tagier, the head of Alkafeel Publishing and Distribution House and a member of the preparatory committee of the exhibition stated that 112 female and male photographers from Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Sweden, Austria, Turkey, and Iran participated in the exhibition, and 720 photographs have been received via the E-mail.

It’s been mentioned that 165 had been approved of. It’s been mentioned that presenting prizes to the winners would be done in a ceremony on Saturday June 15, 2013.

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