Doctors at Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital successfully perform partial hip replacement surgery for a 70-year-old patient

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital announced that it had successfully performed a partial hip replacement operation to a 70-year-old patient.
A specialist in orthopedics, fractures and joints at the hospital, Dr. Ahmad Nimah Al-Taie, said: “A medical team headed by us has succeeded in partial hip replacement surgery for a patient in his seventies suffering from a fracture of the right thigh bone.”
Al-Taie added: "A special type of joint is used in which (bone cement) is used, which allows the patient to stand and move on the second day of the operation, thus preventing the complications of a fracture of the thigh bone, such as blood clotting, bed sores, and other complications that affect the patient. If he is in bed for long periods due to the fracture."
He explained: "The upper part of the thigh bone ends with necrosis of the head of the bone, which makes fixation operations unsuccessful for such fractures, and to ensure the safety of the patient and speed up the healing process, we perform a complete joint replacement."
Al-Taie said: “Partial joint replacement is a process in which the upper parts of the thigh bone are replaced, leaving the pelvis or the hip cup as it is without replacement.”
Pointing out that: "These fractures are operated at Al-Kafeel Hospital with very modern techniques, as they are performed through a small incision, the length of which does not exceed (7 cm), and the physical therapy is conducted through a special system that helps the patient to return to normal in a short time."
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