Al-Ameed educational group introduces a new school.

The al-Ameed educational group affiliated to the Education and Higher Education Department of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has created a school (Al-Qamar Intermediate School for Girls).
Regarding the establishment of this school, the head of the aforementioned department, Dr. Ahmed Al-Kaabi said: “This development came as a result of the widespread demand for the schools of the al-Ameed educational group, due to the distinguished results they have achieved at the governorate level in particular and the country in general, in the primary and secondary stages, as well as the institutes, and what they offer of Educational, cognitive and scientific services, enrichment programs, and an exemplary study environment full of educational means, that activates e-learning and adheres to a specified number of students in the classroom.
He added: “This school is located southwest of the center of the Karbala governorate on the Karbala-Najaf road, specifically in the (Durrat Karbala residential complex) to provide its services to the nearby areas. This school has been equipped with the best educational means, including e-learning screens and scientific laboratories, which are among the requirements of the educational process ".
It should be noted that the Education and Higher Education Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine is keen, as part of its work plans, to cover the geographical area of ​​the Karbala governorate, with educational institutions in all its regions and suburbs, especially those that contain a population momentum that needs educational services.
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