Within the series (The Divine Path): Dar Al-Kafeel for Translation publishes a booklet (The Biography of the Prophet Adam, peace be upon him) in English.

Dar Al-Kafeel for Translation issued a brochure entitled: (Biography of the Prophet Adam, peace be upon him) in English, based on important historical sources and research about the biography of the Prophet Adam (peace be upon him).

The booklet was part of a project of authoring and translating ten booklets on the biography of some of the prophets (peace be upon them), which were authored by the Studies and Publications Division of the Intellectual and Cultural Affairs Department at the al-Abbas's (P) Holy Shrine, and it was translated through the Al-Kafeel International Center for Culture and Information via the Al-Kafeel House for Translation in the Media Department of the Holy Shrine, and translations in other languages ​​will follow. "

The director of the aforementioned center, Mr. Jassam Muhammad Al-Saeedi, explained to Al-Kafeel Network, saying: “This series, translated in English, provides English-speakers with the biography of the prophets in an easy and modern manner, and it is written in a way that suits all religions, and is directed to readers of more than (400) million people who speak this Language as a mother tongue, in addition to those who are fluent in it, whose number is double the mentioned."

He explained, "This series is written by Professor Hassan Al-Jawadi from the Studies and Publications Division in the Intellectual and Cultural Affairs Department."

He added, "A number of authors in the (International Media) unit in our center, together with the aforementioned division, are working hard to compose religious and ethical pamphlets that are appropriate for the peoples targeted by such publications."

The director of Dar al-Kafeel; Buraq Abdel-Hassan Al-Asadi, stated: “The Al-Kafeel translation center affiliated with the center is working on translating religious and ethical publications for their importance in building societies. And with the help of God Almighty, more than 130 publications have been translated in various international languages, including English, Urdu, French, Spanish and even Chinese."

He added, "This edition has been translated by the translator (Sarmad Mohi Al-Saadi), and there are many publications under translation into other languages​, so that everyone can benefit from these valuable books and pamphlets."

He affirmed: "These booklets can be obtained by reviewing the permanent book fair at the al-Abbas's holy shrine, near the screen in the area between the Two Holy Shrines."
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