The Maintenance and Engineering Construction Department concludes the second phase of rehabilitation and development of some joints of Karbala Children's Hospital

The Department of Maintenance and Engineering Construction in the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine announced the conclusion of the second phase of its campaign to perpetuate and develop some joints of the Karbala Teaching Hospital for Children, which was accomplished despite its assignment of external works such as the construction of Hayat buildings to treat people with the Coronavirus in a number of governorates, and internal work related to the al-Abbas's holy shrine.
The head of the construction works division of the department, which is the party responsible for the completion of these works, Eng. Muhammad Mustafa Al-Tawil, explained to the al-Kafeel Network, saying: “This stage came to complement the previous phase, and it included the rehabilitation of the second bathrooms units for the hospital, which were suffering from the obsolescence and damage of its facilities, which negatively affected the services provided to the hospital’s patients. The area of ​​this bathrooms is (18) square meters for six bathroom units, in addition to sinks for washing hands, and it was developed in a modern facility.
He indicated: “These bathrooms have been completely rehabilitated, as many works have been carried out on it, including restoring all its parts, after removing its old floor and cladding it with new floor of another quality. The ceramic of the walls was removed and replaced with a new one. A secondary roof has also been installed for it with lighting, anchoring of wind pullers and water heaters and making new doors for them, in addition to painting them from the outside and re-wiring the main water leading to the bathrooms, in addition to installing new seats and re-establishing sewage lines again."
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