With a capacity of 36 m3 / hour: the completion of the installation of a modern medical oxygen system for the Hayat building in Babylon.

The staffs of the Maintenance and Engineering Construction Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, who are working on the Seventh Hayat Building project in Babylon Governorate, have completed the installation of a modern medical oxygen system consisting of two production plants, which contribute to cover the need of liquid oxygen packed with ready-made cylinders.
This is according to what was reported to al-Kafeel Network, by the engineer of the project, Ammar Salah, who added: “This system is considered one of the additions to this building. It is a modern system of global origins, consisting of two oxygen-generating plants working with (PSA) technology, which works to separate oxygen gas from the rest of the gases, by absorbing the rest of the gases and passing oxygen at a high purity with a capacity of (36) cubic meters per hour.
Indicating: “This system was chosen based on the needs of the building, taking into account any future additions, and it is controlled electronically as needed, as it was connected by special transmission tubes that were provided to all of the building's 98 insolation single rooms, designed to treat the patients. The amount of gas is controlled centrally."
He explained: "A place was allocated for the system outside the building and it did not affect its own design, as a special room was built next to the building equipped with all the requirements that must be met in the work of such systems."
Stressing in the conclusion of his speech: "The work in the building is being carried out at an escalating pace and with great eagerness, continuous day and night, and the percentage of completion has exceeded 97% of the stages of the overall project completion, and after few days, we will complete this building, which is one of the series of projects implemented in Karbala and outside it by the al-Abbas's holy shrine in support of medical cadres and health services, in their response to this epidemic and in compliance with the directives and recommendations of the supreme religious authority.
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