The Relief and Support Division reveals the humanitarian, medical and logistical services it provided during only (15) days.

The Relief and Support Division of the al-Abbas's (P) holy shrine revealed the humanitarian and medical services provided by its units and the processions associated with it in a number of governorates, in addition to logistical support for the Popular Mobilization fighters and security forces within (15) ten days only.

The division’s official, Mr. Qasim Rahim Al-Maamouri, stated: “The division, through its processions, has diversified the services and support it has provided, and in a simple review of what has been presented, the units have done the following:

- Maysan Unit, through its logistical support convoys, built a number of residential homes for the families of the martyrs from the Popular Mobilization Forces and the needy families, as well as the poor and orphans, according to a database prepared for this purpose.

- Baghdad Al-Karkh unit carried out a humanitarian campaign in Maysan governorate through its convoys, donors, and participants, by preparing more than 1000 food baskets (dry, fresh and meat) in addition to sums and gifts, which were distributed among the children of poor and vulnerable families and orphans in Maysan, especially the areas affected by Coronavirus.

- Al-Kadhemiyah unit carried out the work of Al-Wafa Charitable Market in Al-Samawah Governorate, Al-Rumaitha District, which was organized by the (hl al-Ghira Campaign) and a large number of logistical support convoys from the capital, Baghdad, in coordination with the accreditation of the religious authority in Al-Rumaitha district, respecting all preventive measures, and equipping (500) poor families with various materials and needs that included (an integrated food basket of dry materials, meat, chicken, eggs, detergents, household items, etc.).

- The Babylon unit organized a campaign (Rajin Rahmat Allah) and reached the Hadhar district, specifically for the fighters of the 44th Brigade, the Popular Mobilization Forces Ansar al-Marjiya, to provide them with foodstuffs according to the appeal received by them, in addition to other activities and events to support the affected and poor families.

- Baghdad Rusafa unit intensified its humanitarian campaign and was able to supply a number of families within its administrative units with tens of food baskets for the families affected by the repercussions of Corona pandemic, as well as for those with limited income.

- The Diwaniyah unit rehabilitated one of the residential homes of one of the oppressed families in the Diwaniyah Governorate at its own expense, and through the efforts of its logistical support convoys, as well as its communication with the affected families.

- The North Basra Unit carried out several activities in different neighborhoods, most notably the distribution of food baskets, as well as sterilization campaigns and the provision of oxygen bottles for patients lying in home quarantine.

- The Dhi Qar unit has organized a communication campaign with government departments in the governorate, the most important of which is the Governorate Health Department and the contribution to support its efforts and within its available capabilities.

- The Basra Central Unit organized a logistical support campaign to mobilize the defense in the Jurf Al-Nasr sector, and provided them with basic foodstuffs, as well as providing quantities of oxygen bottles for those affected by the Corona epidemic.

- Balad unit organized a campaign to distribute food baskets to poor families as well as the orphans in Salah al-Din Governorate, according to a program prepared for this purpose and that is still ongoing.
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