Director of the Babylon Health Department: The Hayat building implemented by the staffs of the al-Abbas's holy shrine will contribute to reducing the momentum on hospitals and epidemiological lobbies.

The Director General of the Babylon Health Department, Dr. Muhammad Hashem al-Jaafari, confirmed that the seventh Hayat building, which is being implemented by the al-Abbas's holy shrine, through the staff of the Department of Maintenance and Engineering Construction, will contribute to reducing the momentum on hospitals and epidemiological halls to receive people with Coronavirus disease, and it will constitute a qualitative addition to our medical institutions in the province.
This came during a field tour of the building that was nearing completion, accompanied by the official of the Medical Affairs Division at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, Dr. Usama Abdel-Hassan, who in turn gave a brief explanation of the most important aspects of this building and the services it will provide.
Al-Jaafari added: "The building will add advanced clinical capacity and medical and health services, thanks to the Al-Abbas's Holy Shrine for its initiative in supporting our medical staff in confronting the Corona epidemic, which came in an exceptional circumstance that the country is going through."
In turn, Dr. Osama explained, "The visit came to see the progress of work in the final stages of the project, which it is hoped to open in the coming days. We accompanied on this tour, the director of the Babylon Health Department, who listened to a brief explanation of these works, and the rates of achievement of work that was reached in record time despite all the circumstances. He was also informed of the new additions to the building, especially the medical oxygen system. "..
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