Sheikh Kulayni Service Complex completes its preparations for the Ziyarat of Arba'een.

Ali Mahdi Al-Safi, the official in charge of the Sheikh Al-Kulayni service complex, which is affiliated with the al-Abbas's holy shrine and located on the (Baghdad-Karbala) road, announced that the complex had completed preparations for receiving the Ziyarat Arba'een visitors, as well as the completion of all the service and health preparations related to it.
He added, "Preparing for this Ziyarat began early, and it included many actions, the most important of which are:
- Preparing halls for receiving visitors.
- Sterilizing the entire complex.
- Preparing the central kitchen of the complex and providing it with all the materials it needs.
- Carrying out maintenance work for electrical appliances and equipment.
- Preparing bathroom units and providing them with all hygiene and sterilization supplies.
- Preparing for the opening of an additional medical detachment, in cooperation with the Karbala Health Department for men and women.
- Completing the work of the lost and missing centers.
- Developing an educational and guiding plan for visitors in line with the health situation and health guidelines.
- Preparing a number of volunteers to help the complex’s employees in performing their work, and they will be involved in the complex’s service and medical plan.
- Preparing mobile ambulance teams inside and outside the complex with an ambulance to treat and aid any emergency situation, God forbid.
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