Doctors at Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital have successfully treated a patient with a fractured second cervical vertebra.

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Specialized Hospital announced its success in treating a patient in his fifties with a fracture of the second cervical vertebra, with severe compression of the spinal cord.

A specialist in neurosurgery at the hospital, Dr. Wael Qassem, said: "A medical team headed by us succeeded in fixing the first cervical vertebra with the second, for a patient of 50 years old."

Qassem added, "This condition is considered rare in our country. Previously, surgeons used to perform such operations by fixing the cervical vertebrae with the skull, and thus it is difficult for the patient to move his neck."

He continued, "In this operation, we were able to stabilize the first cervical vertebra with the second, and the patient was able to bend and rotate at a great rate."

Pointing out: "The fracture of the second cervical vertebra caused the instability of the first and second cervical vertebrae, with severe pressure on the spinal cord, and this led to difficulty walking of the patient who suffered from severe pain."

Noting that: "The presence of technologies, devices, and experienced medical and nursing teams in Al-Kafeel Hospital is the basis for the success of these operations, which encouraged us to receive and treat the case."
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