The completion of the third phase of rehabilitation and development of parts of Karbala Children's Hospital

The staffs of the Maintenance and Engineering Construction Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine have completed the third phase of their work to rehabilitate parts of the Karbala Hospital for Children, which is part of a humanitarian initiative from the Holy Shrine to support the health situation and its facilities in the governorate in light of the current circumstances.
According to what was explained to the al-Kafeel Network, by the head of the construction works division in the aforementioned department, in charge of carrying out these works, Engineer Muhammad Mustafa Al-Taweel: “This stage was complementary to the previous works, which were completed in two phases, and this phase included the rehabilitation and development of integrated bathroom units in the hospital, which were in a bad condition due to its obsolescence and damage. "
He added: "The bathroom units is built on an area of ​​(18) square meters and includes six bathroom units in addition to sinks for hand washing, which were maintained and developed in a new way. As after its walls were completely removed and the floor rehabilitated, as well as the maintenance of its infrastructure, including an integrated sanitation system and connecting it to the main hospital system, then work began to cut it with new measurements and cover its walls with ceramic material, as well as a secondary roof was installed with lighting and connecting air pullers and water heaters and creating new doors, in addition to painting it from the outside and re-wiring its main water leading to the units In addition to installing new toilet seats and re-establishing sewage lines."
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