Director of the Babylon Health Department: All thanks to the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine for the accomplishment of Hayat building with (100) beds in a beautiful and modern style.

The Director General of the Babylon Health Department, Dr. Mohammad Hashem Al-Jaafari, on behalf of the medical staff and the people of the governorate, offered sincere thanks and praise to the al-Abbas holy shrine for its humanitarian initiative and its guarantee of establishing the seventh Hayat building within Marjan Medical Hospital, which will support the medical staff in confronting the Corona epidemic.
Stressing: "The building containing 100 beds, will contribute greatly to treating people with Coronavirus disease, in addition to reducing the momentum on epidemiological halls in other hospitals, with the ability to accommodate the largest number of infected people in case their numbers increase - God forbid -. It was established in a modern and beautiful style that indicates taste and modernity, and in a manner befitting the Babylonian citizen and providing him with a healthy and comfortable place. Among the features of this building is that it contains two oxygen production plants, and we will not need oxygen cylinders."
This came while he was conducting an inspection tour to follow up on the ongoing preparations for its inauguration in the middle of this week, God willing.
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