Ashura stations: The holy head of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) rebuked Yazeed with (There is no strength and no power but with God).

The historians mention that when the procession of the captives from the family of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon them) was entered into the palace of Yazeed - may God curse him - who ordered that his house be decorated with various decorations and set up an inlaid bed for it and set gold and silver chairs next to his bed. Then Yazeed sat on his bed, with a crown crowned with pearls and sapphire, and around him four hundred people from the princes, notables, ambassadors, kings' ambassadors from the Christians and others, and around him many of the Sheikhs of Quraish.

So Yazeed called for letting the head of Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) in and placed it in front of him in a basin of gold, and the women were behind him, so Sakeena and Fatimah rose to look at him, and Yazeed covered him more, and when they saw him they cried.

Then people were allowed to go in, and Yazeed took a stick and started hitting the mouth of al-Hussayn, and said: This day is a revenge of Badr day!

Yahya bin Al-Hakam bin Abi Al-Aas, Marwan's brother, who was sitting with him, said:

The number of Sumaya's offspring is the number of pebbles, while the Mostafa's family has no offspring today.

Yazeed hit him on his chest and said: Be quiet, woe to your mother!

Abu Barzeh Al-Aslami said: I bear witness that I saw the Prophet kiss his lips and the lips of his brother Al-Hassan (peace be upon him) and say: “You are the young men of Paradise. May God kill he who kills you, and curse him, and prepare Hell for him and that is the worst destiny.” So Yazeed became angry and ordered to take him out.

Caesar’s Messenger turned to Yazeed and said: We have in a certain place the paw's trace of the donkey of Jesus, and we make a pilgrimage to it every year from all over the countries and we make vows to it and honor it as you honor your books, so I bear witness that you are wrong !! Yazeed became angry with this saying and ordered to kill him, so he rose to the head and kissed him, and pronounced Shahadah, and upon his murder the people of the Majlis heard a loud voice from the holy head saying: “There is no strength nor power but with God.” Then the head was removed from the Majlis and crucified at the door of the palace for three days.
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