A specific operation: resection of a tumor from the spinal cord in the tenth thoracic vertebra of a patient at Al-Kafeel Hospital

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital announced that it had successfully removed an entire tumor from the spinal cord of a twenty-year-old patient.

The treating physician at the hospital, Dr. Khaled Al-Sarraj, a specialist in neurosurgery, said: "We performed an operation to remove a tumor entirely from the spinal cord in the tenth thoracic vertebra, without causing any damage to the spinal cord of a 21-year-old patient."

Dr. Sarraj added, "The tumor was so large that it caused pain in an area different from the affected area, due to pressure on the tenth thoracic nerve that supplies the abdominal wall, and this led to an incorrect diagnosis of the case."

He explained: "The patient had been suffering from severe pain in the abdominal area for many months, and he was diagnosed with inflammation in the gallbladder and colic, and after we reviewed, we performed radiological examinations and a resonance imaging, which showed us the presence of the tumor."

Pointing out that: "The patient enjoys good health after the operation, which was successful thanks to the hospital's capabilities, because it contains modern technologies and an experienced medical and nursing team."
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