With an evening ceremony of vertical poetry, the Ninth International Cultural Martyrdom Spring Festival closing its third day

A view of the session

June 14, 2013. A vertical poetry evening ceremony has been held where poets from inside and outside of Iraq have wondrously delivered their stately poems about Imam Hussein and Ahlulbaith (peace be upon them).

The activity has been inaugurated with reciting verses of Noble Quran in the presence of religious scholars, academicians, poets and literalists. The activity was initiated based on the quote of Imam EL-Sadiq (p.b.u.h), "Whoever poetizes about Ahlulbait, Allah would grant him a palace in Paradise."

Some of the poets participated were: Mehdi El-Nehri, Intowan Bara, Tahir El-Shaeikh Hemzza, Yaser 'Al Ghereeb, Ismael El-Saiyah, Mustafa Et-Tan, Mehdi Hilal, Qasim Eshimmeri, Ali Kadhim Sultan, and Netheer El-Mudhefar.
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