A representative of the most common Printing Press ‎company at the inauguration of Alkafeel Publishing & Distribution House

The representative
Within the speeches delivered at the inauguration of Alkafeel Publishing and Distribution House, a speech on behalf of Heidelberg Printing Press Company delivered by its manager Mr. Abdullah El-Meryati, in which he mentioned, “I’m so pleased to attend the inauguration of the Alkafeel Publishing and distribution House of the El-Abbas holy shrine responding to your invitation, and we are so pleased to be part of such a great achievement.”‎

He also mentioned that such an achievement would reflect the creative intellect of the Alkafeel personnel, and it’s a great sing of seeking the modernity sought after by the Secretary-General of the El-Abbas holy shrine Sayed Ahmed El-Safi and the members of the board of the holy shrine.

He also said that such remarkable efforts made by the Alkafeel personnel of the El-Abbas holy shrine should be shed light upon, and what Heidelberg Printing Press Company realized was the best levels of determination towards success.
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