Ashura stations: a sad meeting between Hind, the wife of Yazeed and the captives from the family of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him).

It has been mentioned in history books that Hind Bint Abdullah, the wife of Yazeed - may God curse him - had no knowledge that Hussayn (peace be upon him) had been killed. And when they brought his wives, daughters, and sisters to the Levant, a woman entered and said to Hind: Oh Hind, some captives have arrived and I do not know where they are from? Perhaps you will go to them and watch them.

So Hind got up, put on her most luxurious clothes, and put on her veil, and ordered her servant to carry the chair. When Lady Zaynab (peace be upon her) saw her, she turned to her sister Umm Kulthum and said to her: Sister do you know this maid? She said: No, by God. She said to her: Sister, this is our servant Hind bint Abdullah. Umm Kulthum fell silent and lowered her head, and so did Zaynab (peace be upon her).

Hind said, "My sister, I see you lower your head!" So Zaynab (peace be upon her) was silent and did not answer her.

Then she said to her: Sister from which country are you from?

Zaynab (peace be upon her) said to her: From the country of Madina.

When Hind heard the mention of the Madina, she stepped off the chair and said: Peace be upon its inhabitants. Then Zaynab turned to her and said: Why did you step off the chair?

Hind said: To pay homage to those who dwelt on the Madina’s land

Then she said to her: My sister, I want to ask you about a house in Madina.

Lady Zaynab (peace be upon her) said to her: Ask whatever you want.

She said: I want to ask you about the house of Ali bin Abi Talib (peace be upon him).

Zaynab (peace be upon her) said to her: And how do you have knowledge of the house of Ali (peace be upon him) ?! She cried and said: I was their servant.

Zaynab said to her: And what do you want to know?

She said: I ask you about Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him), his brothers and children, and about the rest of Ali's sons (peace be upon him), and I ask you about My Lady Zaynab, about her sister Umm Kulthum, and about the immaculate ladies from the family of Fatima Al-Zahra (peace be upon her).

At that Zaynab (peace be upon him) cried severely, and said to her: Oh Hind, as you asked about the house of Ali (peace be upon him), we left it mourning the family, and if you ask about Hussayn (peace be upon him), this is his head in the hands of Yazeed, but if you ask about Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) and on the rest of the children of Ali (upon him be peace), we left them on the ground slaughtered like sacrificial animals without heads, and if you ask about Zain al-Abideen (peace be upon him), then he is ill, thin and cannot stand from sickness. And if you ask about Zaynab, I am Zaynab daughter of Ali, and this is Umm Kulthum, and these are the rest of Fatima Al-Zahra's family (peace be upon her).

When Hind heard the words of Zaynab (peace be upon her), she roared and cried: “Oh imam! oh master! Oh Hussayn! I wish I was blind before this day so I don't see the ladies from the family of Fatima az-Zahra in this status.

Then she took a stone and struck her head, and blood spilled over her face, and she fainted. When she woke up, Lady Zaynab (peace be upon her) came to her and said to her: O Hind, get up and go home, because I fear for you from your husband Yazeed. Hind replied: By Allah, I won't go unless I mourn for my Master Aba Abdillah al-Hussayn, and until I make you and the rest of the ladies of Bani Hashem enter to my house with me.
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