The number of the service processions in Muthanna reached 1850 including 290 processions providing their free services in Karbala.

The Muthanna branch of the department of rituals and Hussayni processions in the two holy shrines, has announced that the number of the service processions within the administrative borders of Muthanna province, participating in providing the free services to the visitors of Arba'een this year, has reached 1850 service processions registered within the database of the Department. Not to mention hundreds of Hussayniyat, residential houses and other unregistered processions that have opened their doors to the visitors.

Haj Sad al-'Abdali, head of the branch, stated: "There are service processions scattered on the road of the pilgrims in other provinces, as well as 290 processions participating in providing their services inside the province of Karbala and on the roads leading to it."

Adding: "Preparations were made early this year by the processions that extended from our administrative borders with the Dhi Qar governorate to the Al-Huishmi region and ending at our administrative borders with the Qadisiyah governorate. These processions have spread on all the main roads that the visitors take, even the Sahara one, and we had an addition this year, which is the presence of fixed and mobile health detachments that have the task to provide instructions, sterilization materials, and protective measures such as masks and gloves."

Indicating: "This year, there is an early movement of the pilgrims walking towards Karbala. And that the work of the Hussayni service processions was not limited to the free services they provide, but they also had an active role in cooperation with the security and service bodies in the province. And after that all pilgrims leave the province, the processions' owners will join the march, so they can get both honors; the honor of serving the visitors of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him), and the honor of walking in the march of Arba'een."
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