The closing research session of the Ninth International Cultural Martyrdom Spring Festival

A view of the audience
Saturday June 15, 2013. The research sessions have been closed today with the third research session which has been attended by religious scholars and thinkers in addition to the delegations of the festival from around the world. It has been held at Musa El-Kadhim auditorium in the El-Abbas holy shrine.

Some stately researches have been delivered by some figures such as Sheikh Ja'fer El-Hadi, Sayed Mohammed Ali El-Hilo, Dr. Mohammed Salih El-Hensheer, whom discussed very important issues about Noble Quran, Imam Hussein's story, in addition some other issues.

Sayed Ali El-Milani has closed the session by delivering his stately research in which he explicated the meaning of the title of the festival which says, "Imam Hussein (p.b.u.h) is the ideal & the best call to the Good".
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