The al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine strengthens its regulatory and preventive measures.

The al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine strengthened its organizational and preventive measures, coinciding with the approaching peak of the Ziyarat and the increase in the number of arriving visitors, in a way that contributes to creating a state of flow in the movement and absorbing the momentum. This was accompanied by precautionary and preventive measures to protect the visitors and the processions of condolences and ensure their safety.
Among the measures that have been strengthened and that have been added to what has already been done:
- Designating entry and exit gates for female visitors, completely isolated from the entry and exit gates for men.
- Allocating paths for the movement of the condolence processions from their entry to the Holy Shrine until their exit, in a manner that does not intersect with the movement of visitors.
- Putting human and metal barriers to facilitate the movement of visitors at the gates of the Holy Shrine, back and forth.
- Allocating the holy sanctuary of Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him) to men only, while the basements of Imam Hussein and al-Jawad (peace be upon them both) are reserved for women only, and these basements are equipped with grids adjacent to the wall of the Holy Sanctuary.
- The deployment of a large number of guides inside and outside the holy shrine, for the purpose of guiding visitors to their destination.
- Create human barriers inside and outside the holy sanctuary to ensure the continuation of movement in two paths back and forth.
- Creating a special path for the entry and exit of the condolence processions without any intersection with the visitors' movement.
- Opening more than one outlet to inspect visitors at the gates of the Holy Shrine.
- Intensify the work of sterilization on an ongoing basis for the visitors and their processions.
- Deploying additional numbers of medical evacuation teams to help emergency cases.
- Establishing paths outside the holy sanctuary and guides in both ways; back and forth, to ensure the smooth movement of visitors and processions.
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